Al Khor Sports Club

          Al Khor Sports Club workflow, participation in Sports and Communities events an amazing opportunity for local, regional and international businesses.

          Al Khor Sports Club views the companies with which we work as partners in our efforts to achieve the goals and to assist us in delivering the sports results, programmers for the local communities.

          Want to join us?

          Information about our current tenders is available below. All potential suppliers are required to send us along with the cover letter

          Supplier Registered Organisation Name
          Trading As (if applicable)
          Registered Name, in the language in which the company was registered:
          Commercial Registration Number
          Certificate valid until
          Country of Registration
          Local Agent Name (if applicable):
          Ownership status

          Beneficiary Name:
          Bank Name:
          Branch Name:
          Bank City:
          Bank Country:
          Bank Account Number:
          Bank SWIFT Code:
          Bank Account IBAN Number:

          Full Name:
          Job Title:
          Business Phone
          Mobile Phone
          Fax Number
          Email Address
          Website URL

          Please also kindly attach a valid Commercial Registration Certificate