Al Khor Sports Club

          Al Khor Sports Club was unofficially established in 1951 by oil workers to fulfill them with the appropriate sport facilities. The club was re-established in 1961 and adopted football as its primary sport, as well other recreational sports and activities.

          The club appearance coincided within the presence of two other clubs in Al Khor, with the three operating separately from each other. They merged with one of the clubs, ‘Al-Jeel Sports Club’ in 1962. In 1964, they also conglomerated with ‘Nadi Al Aswad’ and had formally made a request to join the Qatar Football Association on 10 June later that year (Resolution no.13). From then on, the club was known as ‘At Taawun’.

          Embracing the youth movement, they drew up plans and programs and being provided funds for all the facilities, the club was able to expand the base of participation in most sports as well as participate in various activities. Their original club colors from 1961 were primarily yellow and white. The colors were changed to blue and white after entering the football league in 1964. Their current crest features all 3 colors in it: blue, yellow and white.

          In 2004, by decision of the Qatar Olympic Committee, the club changed its name to ‘Al Khor’, in order to accurately reflect on where the club's headquarters are located.