Al Khor Sports Club

          “We commit to youth and it will build Qatar future …” 

          Based on the Qatar National Strategy and Vision and efforts of the State of Qatar in commitment to new generations, Al Khor Sports Club Social and Cultural Committee strongly aimed to engage society to build Qatar future. On our belief and long years of experience in social and cultural programs, its activities strengthen experience basis and share unique knowledge among youth. Our work helps society to learn more about the history of the State, so as to share culture and knowledge between them.

          Social and Cultural Committee of Al Khor Sports Club is honored to invite to participate in its programs youth of Qatar. I can only extend my deep gratitude and praise to the young people accepting invitations to be part of our activities. And I am sure our events and programs’ participants will find activity by their taste along with spending an enjoyable time with getting unique experience in different spheres.

          I also would like highly appreciate cooperation of the all state and private institutions, sponsors and partners who help us to implement all our programs, host visits, manage events and sincere thank members of the Committee for their great cooperation.

          Faithfully Yours,

          Chairman of the Al Khor Social and Cultural Committee

          Ghanim Abdulla Al Mohannadi