Sports and leisure

Main Stadium

  • Capacity: 12,000 people including VIP seats
  • 6-8 entries, 1 car - emergency ambulance entry
  • Lights in the four corners, 4 fixed TV camera stands,
  • 1 video scoreboard and 10 commentators boxes
  • Football field of 70 m x 110 m (+2 m)
  • Athletics track in Dunlop tartan: six lanes and eight 100 m sprint lanes and all athletic facilities

Football Training Field of 70 x 105 m (+2 m), grass covered, with lights

Football Training Field of 50 x 90 m (+2 m) grass covered, with lights

Handball field on Decatur

Basketball field on Decatur

Volleyball field on Decatur

Tennis field on Decatur

Swimming pool

Workout stations

Sports hospital

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