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    The prospects vision of the swimming cultivation in Al Khor Sports Club by the managing board goes along with Qatar Swimming Federation’s vision and sports strategy of the State of Qatar. It aims to educate children basics of swimming to keep their lives safe. The second aim is to build a strong base of swimmers with ability to show superior swimming skills during local and international competitions in order to improve overall standings of Al Khor Sports Club in different kinds of swimming sports. It can be made through hard trainings and constant participation in competitions in safe environment, which will enhance our sport and offers a unique experience.

    Trainings with experienced coaches took place in Al Khor Sports Club open swimming pool and Hamad swimming complex in Doha, Sunday to Thursday from 16:00-18:00. It is worth mentioning that Al Khor Sports Club teams formation was started in 2008/2009. This time the total number of each age group was around 10 swimmers. Since that time swimming starts growing and the total number of all age group participants for the sports season 2015/2016 is already around 60 swimmers. Among them 7 participate on International level representing State of Qatar in national swimming team.

    The most prominent swimmer of Al Khor Sorts Club is Waleed Dalloul – swimmer of the Qatar National team. During his swimming career he has won numerous Cups for Al Khor Sports Club. It is worth mentioning his awards – The Best swimmer of GCC Swimming Championships, held in Doha during 2014-2015 and his silver medal of 50 m (breaststroke) taken during Asia Championships the same season. Waled Dalloul has also participated in the Youth Olympics in China, Beijing 2013/2014 represented State of Qatar.
    The most important achievements of the Al Khor swimming team was to get the award – Cup of the Best youth team open water championships 2014/2015 in Doha, also the team won many medals in Championships by Qatar Swimming Federation.
    The managing and coaching board of the Al Khor swimming consists of Prof. Khalifa Al Mohannadi – Head of coaching staff, Prof. Mansour Al-Saadi, Vice President and Director of the team, Dr. Mohammed Abu Saria - Head of swimming coaches, Mr. Yahya Ibrahim - pool and GYM coaches supervisor, Mr. Faris Qash’a, Mr. Nizar Saidi, Mr. Muhamad Amr, Mr. Mahmod Abd Al Atiya, Mr. Muhammad Mohi – Coach Assistant, Mr. Samir Al Ghazouani – Coach Assistant.


    For general inquires please contact

    Al Khor Sports Club Swimming Office Secretary

    Mr. Muhammad Ahmad Tarabik
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    Phone: 70117164